Which one do you suggest priority?

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I am thinking I want to get a RE license for my state. I am also thinking about going Keller Williams, I found a pretty impressive pitch on them and I think I read somewhere on here that their training is free. This way I could do that as well and be all around knowledgeable about every aspect. Doing that on the side, but investing as my mainline.

Also, I want to get certified and trained for appraisal and home inspection. I know this is alot, but not all at once - I just would like to do this as time/money permits.

As for being beneficial to my REI, which one do you seasoned investors think would be the best and most beneficial to REI? I am trying to decide WHICH ONE of the three to go for first.


Thank you for your input and friends experiences...my fiance has a friend "back home" that he said got certified and made decent money on the side from his regular job - so you are probably right on it depending on where you are. :)

It is so true that it depends on where you are but if you are more interested in investing, then I have always been told you'd want to become a realtor 1st cause then you get first hand info on all the homes for sale, if there is creative or owner financing available, etc. I myslef would do the realty thing first then maybe the other later.