How to apply for a loan?

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I've never gone to apply for a loan before and quiet honestly have no idea how the process works. I've tried to get "pre-approved" (and wasn't able to) a little while ago and am in a different financial situation now and feel as though I could get pre approved. Should I do this before walking into somewhere and asking for a loan?

Which brings me to my next question. I've come to the understanding that I will have better luck getting a loan from local lenders. So do I just walk into there office with my plan and say hey I want a loan: this is why, this is why it's going to work, or what?

Like I said, I just have absolutely no idea how this process works and would like to get a little run down on what to expect so I'm not walking into this situation completely blind.

Start with your banker who can connect you with Loan Originator. Meet personally so you can understand the process. Ask for all the options so you know what option would be good for you.