Hello PB Community! 

Maybe there is already a thread on this, was searching through, but couldn't seem to find one specifically on this. 

I currently live in Asia and want to get the ball rolling on investing in properties, but I kind of don't know how to get started while living over here.

What do you think about investing in Real Estate while living overseas/another country? Is it extra risky? I am constantly hearing on the Podcasts about people buying rental properties out of state. I assume living in another country requires the same process as buying out of state? Do you think buying long distance is not good for someone starting out? And how does one even buy long distance? How do they get the loans, do the closing costs, sign the papers etc. without actually being there? Is it all done through Email/PDFs/Fax/Power of Attorney?

If there are any forums already on this topic/discussion it would be cool to be directed there as well as any Podcasts where they had a guest on who invested while living in another country.