Out of State Invest. Need Advice

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Hi, im new to this real estate investment. I live in MA. I really need some direction. Im looking for out of state investment. Where should i begin? I have 100k budget. im interested in B class SFH. Im open to all states. My goal is ROI. All i have been doing is researching! I dont know where to start :) which company should i use? Feel free to PM with providers. Im open to all advice.

@Kong Chen Oklahoma City might be a good fit for you!

B class properties are 80-130k, you can pretty consistently get 8% rate of returns and with off-market deals almost everything is hitting the 1% rent to value ratio. Also taxes are only at around 1%! Someone was telling me the great numbers in Ohio the other day and then mentioned their tax rate was at 3% haha! Are you still researching markets or have you made any moves?