I am a 26 year old Army Veteran and Junior in college, very interested in using my VA loan to purchase a duplex and house hack, live in one unit and rent the other, as my first real estate investment. I plan to move to the Austin, TX area when I graduate (1yr) and work a full-time job while involved with real estate investing. My most recent credit score is fair-good and by my calculations, I will have $10K saved by the time that I am ready to purchase the property and move in, but that's my only liquid capital ($10k).

I have no family that will help me financially. Im not asking for a mentor, but maybe a quick tip on what to lookout for and what to consider from anyone with VA loan first time investor experience or knowledge. Literally any and all inquiries, comments or two cents would be very much appreciated. I want to get this right. Thanks y'all.