Interested in getting my Real estate license

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@Ted S. is a good website also prep agent on YouTube is a good study guide to learn off of some of the videos are goofy/funny but I think that helps it stick to your memory. I am also in process of getting my license, I went to the school and got my transcript I just have to pass the license exam. By the way does anyone know for Pennsylvania after completing the real estate school how long do you have to pass the exam? Is there like a certain date you have to get the license before you have to take the schooling again or does the transcript you get from the real estate school never expire??

I am told that if an agent wants to be licensed in both PA and NJ, that getting the NJ first is recommended; apparently PA is less demanding for those already licensed in NJ than the other way around.

I don't personally have my license (conflict of interest at my company/dept); however, I used to work in a office full of agents (100+). I had heard great things about real estate express. Good luck in any course you decide on!

I am currently enrolled in the course and I like it so far.  Its mostly self directed but the course structure is broken down very well and easy to follow along.  There are webex style meetings every day that you can join in to learn more and ask questions about.  The material they cover may not be what you are focusing on but if you send questions to the teacher they usually try to cover it during the next days webex.