Shadowing/Helping Out Someone Else's Business

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Hey ladies & gents,

Upon completion of this deployment I'm currently serving on in the Middle East, I plan to seek out and hopefully find someone willing to let me work with them on the weekends (for free of course) in order to get a good idea of how a specific REI business works! Has anyone else had any experience in this and did it help you out? Also if the area I plan to shadow in isn't necessarily the area I plan on investing in would that be a burden or is that okay?

Looks like you are off to a good start.  You can learn a ton on BP.  By the time you find a local mentor, you will know so much more than the average investor.  Just lead with creating value for others and you'll be fine.  As far as not investing in the same area, keep an open mind.  I think military members have a great advantage because they've lived in so many different places.  I've done deals lightning fast in areas 12 hours away because I knew the market.