Looking for CPA, lawyer in Columbus OH area

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Hello all, I'm moving down to Columbus do a little house hacking and try to get a few other rental properties going but first I need to get a team together.  I have found a few people to work with so far but could really use some recommendations on a CPA, Lawyer, and Insurance broker who specialize in R.E.I. and know the specifics of the area.  I'm primarily looking to acquire duplexes, 4 plexes, and small apartment buildings.  Have acquired a starter duplex but trying to get a team and structure in place before pursuing additional properties.  Any recommendations/advice would be welcome.  Thanks all!

Hi @Dylan Nyhan

We work with some great attorneys in the Columbus area, however, I would recommend @Steven J. Umana, who we have had a good experience with recently. He is an attorney with experience in the investing world, as well (and on BP!)

If you have any questions about local attorneys or property management for your investments, please do not hesitate to contact me.