Found abandon property. Now what???

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I found a property that looks abandoned. I got the owners name from my real estate agent but they could not get a number or mailing address.

Does anyone know how I could get this info?

I also have the parcel number.

Thanks in advance

Skip tracing service is a good bet. There are some online sites you can pay and get access to alot of info as well. Ask neighbors, sometimes they know. Send a post card, sometimes it will get forwarded by the mail to the owner.

Go to the courthouse (where homeowner sends tax payments to) and give them the address. I went in and just said I needed to find out who owned a house - and she gave me a print out of the owner, their address, the property taxes and everything.

In Tennessee it's available online and for free through the state's website (through the tax assessor). You just type in the address and it gives you the owner's name and address. (You can also type in the owner's name and it will show you all the property he/she owns). I'm sure a lot of other states have fairly similar systems.