Starting out in the DMV (DC, MD, VA)/ First Distressed Property

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Hello, Everyone.  I am starting out in the DMV, I have been listening and taking notes to the podcasts for months.  I have watched 100s of Youtube videos from various experts.  I have been driving for dollars, and researching properties.  On Saturday, October 1, 2017, I began the 90 day challenge, by attending a seminar on Real Estate Investing.  I will be attending a boot camp in December but I'm ready to get started now.  Have you ever reached the point, when you know it's time to apply what you have been learning?

I've located a property that is vacant and distressed, located the owners.  They have just paid the property taxes, but house definitley needs work.  They are currently residing around the corner from the vacant property, and their phone number is listed.  Does anyone have a script they use when contacting owners of distressed property?  I would like to call the homeowner, but be confident in what to say (and not say). 

Anyone interested in discussing this opportunity to see if we can purchase this house and others on my list?  I don't feel comfortable with the contract process, and would like to see it done a few times to become familiar with the paperwork and closing.  

Shani, congrats on starting your REI journey.

@Michael Quarles talks about buyer scripts in one of his BP podcasts.

I think you should save your money on Guru courses and spend more time at local RE meet ups. Good luck.