Hello everyone, tonight I'd like to ask the crowd how you got your start in real estate and I'd like to seek your advice. As a freshman finance major at a community college, I want to be as competitive as students from top notch schools when it comes to graduating and entering full time employment. I pondered how I could and the answer I have found is an internship. Typically the average student might become an intern once during their Junior or Senior year (and majority of internships require you to be a Junior or Senior). I have emailed over 60 companies in every business concentration imaginable from sports marketing to commodity trading and everything in between and I have been more than willing to move across the country and be an unpaid intern without much luck except for one company. I worked very hard just to recieve a reply and it just happened that this one real estate company was generous enough to be willing to talk me and entertain my application. I spoke with the owner for about an hour the other day and I worked very hard not to mess this opportunity up and luckily he seemed to be very impressed and by first impressions he seems like a really great guy to work with and I feel like we would get along perfectly. I haven't been offered an unoffical or official offer for this Summer internship (very likely because it is only October lol) but we are still in contact, he wants to stay in contact, and he has provided me with great resources to tap into. IF something about this opportunity goes south (which I hope and will work hard to make sure nothing does) I would like a contingency plan. where is a good place besides the usual indeed.com and linkedin.com to find internships in real estate or the world of investments as a whole? A little about me I work part time while going to school full time, I had an alright high school unweighted GPA of 3.73 with a handful of AP classes, I have loads and loads of volunteer and club experience (Club President, Eagle Scout, etc.) and I always strive to be the best. Thanks for the future comments!