Prospect Newbie Investor in The Abilene, TX Area - Introduction

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Hello ladies and gentlemen!

My name in Angel Sosa, and I've begun reading "The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Real Estate Investing," and have reached the ending of Chapter 2, "Six Steps to Help You Overcome Fear." I was really motivated to have read this and with such, I've decided to make myself public. So, here goes!

As I mentioned earlier, my name is Angel Sosa. I'm a current resident of Colorado City, TX in Mitchell County, and am severely interested in Real Estate. I'm also 28, and am not looking for a "get rich quick" scheme. I work at an oilfield company now known as Gravity Oilfield Services (formerly Globe Energy Services). I work here as an IT Associate and travel a lot in the Permian Region due to my job. I'm here to learn and grow and eventually become part of the "passive income earning" crowd. I'm really looking forward to beginning a journey in the Abilene, TX (Taylor County) region. 

I'm here because I recently attended a Seminar that was an "Exclusive Event," hosted for Doug Hopkins - it was known as the "Real Estate Formula." Well, a semi-descriptive portion of this is that I was invited to go with a buddy of mine who had paid his way to this seminar to become a member of this Real Estate (I guess "company"/business). Well, long story short - I ended up only getting to attend one day (of the 3-day program) of that seminar (because of several disagreements we had)... And though I felt like I missed out on a TREMENDOUS opportunity (because they were giving us funding for beginning with them), I did research. Three days later, after contemplating over several $500 - $1500 programs, I ran into the beginner's guide mentioned prior.

Eventually, I'll be looking for a mentor; however, I realize that at the amateur level I'm currently at, that that may not be the most reasonable thing for me. I do feel like I need to continue to do some more research about how the industry works through the use of the podcasts and this beginner's guide (which I'm on 25% through).

But I just wanted to make my presence known as aforementioned, because I came across that part of a chapter and I wanted to become active in the community as best I can. I'm very descriptive in just about everything I do, and I hope that whoever I get to be mentored by appreciates that very much. I've learned a lot about the necessity of being able to offer a mentor something in return, and whether that's help, or anything of that sort, I'm a willing participant.

Furthermore, I'm a very spiritual person. I believe very heavily in the Law of Attraction, and am an avid fan of the book "Think and Grow Rich," by Napoleon Hill. I tend to be very, very motivational, and have a very strong need to help people overcome the odds; however, I myself, am still trying to overcome some of my own (especially financially).

I hope I get to work with many of you guys and girls, and hope to become a very active part in this community! I look forward to each and every response this blog post gets! Thanks for reading! :D

(Also, thank you guys (the site developers and maintenance) so much for the opportunity to become part of such an amazing free online community!)

@Angel Sosa

Welcome brother! Interesting to see someone close to me, I just moved to Loraine, TX . I too work for an oil company Endeavor Energy and I am a Plant Operations Manager for one of the service companies owned by EER. I am also a newb to real estate, we actually moved here to save money instead of paying $2,000 rent in Midland. If you ever want to get coffee or something, that would be awesome! I have no idea if there are coffee places around here but I am sure you will know.

Thank you for that welcome Mr. Whitaker! I could imagine it being extremely difficult to rent in Midland especially at a $2000/mo cost, not even including bills! Wow! Loraine haha! The best place to get some coffee would definitely have to be between the two Stripes in Colorado City or the local Gas n Grub! As for REAL coffee, the only applicable place is Big Spring's Starbucks off of I-20! Haha!