where to find lists of home owners who are upside down on mortgag

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Title Company! They will happily put together an Excel list of pre-forclosures, or divorces, or high equity, low equity, owned for 10+ years, etc.

Shouldn't be too hard to squeeze out of them. You can try going to your local REIA and asking around for the title company everyone uses (investor friendly) and give them a call.

At AZREIA, we have two competing title agencies (Great American and Chicago) that offer all the leads you can ever want and more, for free. They'll even help you with marketing materials like postcards or door hangers. They are certainly not the only ones in town that will do this, but they get most of the business from AZREIA because they are present at the meetings and holding their hands up when people ask "how do I get leads?"  Often, they hold educational events that you'd find valuable, like seller-financing or probate workshops. Google "title company" in your city and then pick up the phone. In states that use closing attorney's... hmm idk maybe they can do the same, not sure, but TX isn't one, so good luck :)