Physical Address Services - For Overseas Investors

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Hi All,

I am new to the wonderful platform.

Being an overseas investor that has just formed an LLC, I would need an independent company to act as a good reliable high level service of Physical address in the US ( mainly for getting correspondence from the bank / Credit & Debit cards / other correspondence not relating to registered agent as it seems the Attorney that has formed the LLC would act as a Registered agent for that purpose not for bank correspondence )

Need any good recommendations of great such websites / services that are reliable and high level good with forwarding overseas only the mail we ask them to do / they scan every mail to email and I can choose which ones to forward. 

Appreciate your reply asap.

Danny Trestian

Hey Danny,

There are many companies that provide such services.

I am using Their pricing is quite low compared to others I've seen and so far their customer service has been quite helpful.

Good luck.