Getting into REI Field

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Folks, please take it easy on me since I just joined the forum today :)

I am looking to get into REI field. I have quite a few ideas in my mind, but definitely have no direction since I have no experience in REI filed.

Also, in many TV shows they pretend RE to be very easy-money, which I am not convinced, yet. So, here I am looking for some experienced members to whom I can ask and learn about buying rental properties or some franchise or something else too? Flipping and wholesaling are definitely out of question, because of a full-time job.

Read this article, very helpful:

Would appreciate any other helpful links or threads which can help a starter? Thank you, Syed.

Hello @Syed Shah and welcome to BP!  We primarily focus on unimproved land all over the country (& some Canada) and have found that very profitable and we can do it from ANYWHERE.  Glad you found BP - this is a great place to get all the answers. Good luck and let me know if I can help in any way!

Thanks very much all. Yes, I am reading quite a few things on BP and also, seeing videos of BP on youtube, as well as general REI.

Definitely this forum has a lot to read and absorb :)

@Account Closed , thanks for your  contribution. I am just curious, how does this land stuff work? I have absolutely zero knowledge about it, can it generate some passive income streams?  Thank you.

@Syed Shah  Best way is through a direct mail campaign, targeting the exact type of properties that meet your criteria, and let the "ready" sellers reach out to you! Have you narrowed down a county and property type yet? Once that is done you can get a list of the parties that own those properties and send them a specific letter with offers and they will call you. Great time of year to be doing this. There is more to it, but that is the overall idea. Holler if I can help!