Vacant or Abandoned Properties and Absentee Owners

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Hi!! My name is Yakima, I am new to Bigger Pockets as well as real estate investing

There's a single family property that has been vacant since 2010 or so until now. I search the county records and the owner's address is listed as the properties address. I have asked neighbors about the address, in which they've said the owners don't come around. The property taxes are paid and there's no lien on the property according to county records. I am aware that the neighbor had the water shut off from the street because a pipe had burst in the basement one winter. You can tell no one comes to check the mail or anything because there's never any trash on trash day and the yard is always overgrown in the months following the winter season.

How do I go about obtaining/ putting an offer on the property without notifying the owners?

What would you suggest I do?

@Yakima L coles you definitely want to skip trace the owner and call them.

There's no telling what's going on with the owner or why the property is vacant, but I wouldn't be shocked if you skip traced them and found out the owner had died.  These kind of leads can be great because no other investor is taking the time to find the owner and call them or the relatives.