Little Money, But Plenty of Time!

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Hello Fellow BP Members!

I am highly interested in getting started with Real Estate investing. My interests lie with Fix and Flips as well as buy and holds.

My question for you all is if there is a way for me to really get started with little money to invest? Can anyone who has done this give any insight for me? I have read several forums and books on the subject, however I am a little apprehensive  about getting started with little money invested. I just feel like I would constantly be turned down. How can I combat this feeling?

While I have little money, I have a lot of time that I am willing to invest to learn the processes and the leg work. I can offer much administrative support as this is where a lot of my work experience lies  as well as some handy work. I am very eager and willing to learn!

Any advice is welcome! I'd love to hear some of the creative ideas fellow members have come up with to get started (or continue going) in this business.


You can get started with little money. What you need is to learn as much as you can so that you can invest with no money down. 

What I would do is I would contact investors who are in your local area on BP. Message them and tell them you want to follow them around and help them for 3-6 months for free! You'll learn much more than money can buy and then you can begin to invest on your own. 

You own your own home... If you have equity, you can take a home equity loan and use the money as a down payment on your next property. That is how I started. Good luck!