Hello Bigger Pockets Family! I have a few questions for anyone willing to help. We are just getting started pretty quickly in the Investing universe. Our strategy will be to Wholesale for the time being until we can build some wealth to start funding some flips. We have decided to begin wholesaling SFH in a few Bay Area markets, but are definitely open to other strategies and ideas! I'm in desperate need of advice from a buyer who is familiar with Wholesaling in the South Bay, and who would be interested in hiring a bird dog for a while so that we can learn the business and the processes of how this all works. I currently have a nice long list of vacant homes in the Bay Area, but I would love to connect with a Buyer in a few of these markets and better understand what to look for in these listings and what the pricing should/would look like for these homes. Thanks so much and I'm really looking forward to learning from honest and trusted investors in the Area!! Cheers!! - Bri