Mid GA Mentor?

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Hi All!

As mentioned, I am looking for a Mid Georgia mentor willing to assist a
willing individual in the "art" of REI.

Brief Experience:

Currently retired at 46 years of age.
Carpentry background = 4 years.
Apartment Maintenance = 5 years.
Management (Corporate) = Too many

Getting down to the nitty gritty.....
I took early retirement last year and my wife is starting
her 3 year Nursing Degree in January, meanwhile we would
love the opportunity to start in REI.

I am already working with a Realtor, but I would welcome
the opportunity to gain experience from an expert in this

Rule #1 No middle man.
especially Realtors. Unless! Again UNLESS! They can make them selfs usefull. And its obvious your realtor isn't, or you would'nt be asking for help. Your realtor isnt going to teach you anything because they dont want
you independent. Unfortunately, your getting in the business with no mortgage, real estate or appraisal experience. There are lots of events that come up every year for investors..keep your eye's and ears open.
there should only be one hand in your cookie jar. Unless! the other hand
is giving you valuable information to were you can do well in this business.

Good luck!