Purchase Next Multi Or Quit Job?

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Hi all,

I am stuck between a rock and a hard place. I am looking for advice and general opinions on my current situation as maybe some of you have been there.  

MY GOAL: to acquire enough Multi-Family's to supplement my current income and manage the properties full time. That is my definition of Financial Independence. 

I currently work in finance and do well for someone my age however, I very much dislike my job. To the point where 'Sunday Scaries' are real and the thought of going to work is depressing. With that said, the job is easy and not very time/labor intensive (40 hours per week) and pay's very well.

I've eliminated my biggest expense (housing) with my current House Hack and have saved enough capital to purchase another property. The dilemma; is it worth sacrificing self actualization for the pursuit of financial independence through Multi-Family's even though that may require working 3-5 more years in a job that is mundane. Or..... quit now while I have a financial cushion and pursue a job within Real Estate but take a much lower pay cut. The road to FI would be longer but with more passion and desire to wake up on Monday's.

This post isn't mean to complain or bit** but more to seek advice from people who may have had a similar situation. Thanks again! 

@Michael Doherty I’d choose another option you didn’t list. Find another job in your same current field that you like more. Finance is a broad field, so find something you like.

I would not quit to do REI full time but that’s just me. Gain much more cushion first

Hey MD, Use the Ben Franklin close on yourself. Pros down one side of the paper and Cons down the other side. The truth is only YOU can determine how much you can put up with at the job. Three years isn't along time, especially if the light at the end of the tunnel is FI. Do what truly feels right.