Suggestions for contractors, property managers?

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Hey everyone, so I’m in my searches still for my first buy and hold property in the Lynchburg Virginia market. I’ve looked at a few houses, most of which would need work. I’m wondering if anyone in the Lynchburg market can suggest any reputable contractors and property managers as well. Been trying a few different agents as well, but I am open to new people there as well, wouldn’t hurt to make the connections! 

If anyone has some recommendations I would love to hear who and why you recommend them. 

Thanks everyone!


@Austin Rath I'm a realtor in the area here and I got some suggestions. For starters if this is your only property and it's feasible I would manage it myself. Most of the companies don't want to just manage one because it's not good ROI for them. If they do the rate most likely will be higher than if you had multiple.

As far as contractors I have a few in mind. 

Craig Home Improvement 

(haven’t worked with him personally but I hear good things from my colleagues) 

Phillip Miller

 (Worked with him he was great and professional)

Dallas Reeves Home improvement 

All do light construction and cosmetic I don’t know how extensive you need but they should be able to get the job done. I also have a slew of reputable electricians, plumbers, etc you name it. Just Private message me if you have any questions and I’ll  help any way I can. I couldn’t post the numbers per site policy but I do have contact info for all. 

@Laura Tokgozoglu thanks for the recommendation! You have been very helpful in this post as well as the other you have also been responding to for me. 

@Lamont Hamlette thank you as well, really appreciate the help! I’ll be sure to keep all of these recommendations. I am going to use a property manager mainly due to the amount of time my business requires of me. However, this won’t be my only property, long term I will certainly be growning my portfolio so I’ll be sure to mention that to any property manager. But i understand you’re point  view. That makes total sense that they may not pay as close attention, and potentially higher rates at first. At least i can account for that while running numbers, and be sure to pay close attention to whoever i do decide to use as management.