Advice for a newbie moving to Austin/Waco, Texas

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Howdy, BP Nation (or BP Republic as regards Texas. Smile.)

I can't say how appreciative I am for the month of pure insight and education I have absorbed here. And the connections I am making seem genuine and accessible. That alone is a blessing in terms of encouragement and inspiration.

I'm starting out and learning as I go by taking action every chance I have here in NE Louisiana.

However, I am happy to say, I will be relocating to Waco in the next month to be closer to my family in Austin. And to surf at BSR in Waco. Waves!

In the past month, I have made good relationships with about a half dozen buyers. I'm attempting to build my pipeline of buyers and sellers concurrently. I know there are different views on how to expedite this process. I feel like I am currently shoping for the buyers I have first, and then with marketing dollars, can grow leads for sellers. I know growing a buyers list is cheap and relatively easy, just takes time and effort. Not worried. And hopefully the one or two JV/co-wholesaling connections I've made can help fill any gaps in the meantime.

That's kind of where I'm at. 

Moving forward and into the central Texas are, I'll be starting at the bottom. Not worried. I have my full time and attention devoted to my business onve settled in Waco.

I'm looking for any folks willing to send the elevator down a bit in terms of helping me build my team. Title company, RE Attourney, agents, brokers, vendors, co-wholesalers,etc.

I realize I'm walking into one of the consistently top markets in the country with Austin and I'm happy to wet my feet more in Waco. I'm not initially looking to compete with anyone with establishe DM advertising. My wife and I will be bootstrapping which Is what I prefer so that there isn't anything I skip over and don't learn as I grow our company.

I started with the 10 Hour Wholesaler program which was good for the intro into the business and gave my action items to follow. Was a good entry for the price point.  

I have had conversations about joining the "Tribe" at A significant investment. Thoughts, anyone, on continued education and/or resources to invest ini to quickly grow?

Lastly, for this post, I am keenly interested in creating my web presence quickly with an eye on SEO and content as a main lead generator as we are driving for dollars and scraping data from tax delinquency and probate lists. But having a site is something I'd like to focus and execute quickly. I have experience building sites, Wordpress, the basics. But I certainly want to expidite and get all the SEO elements and content operating effectively, so I'm hoping to get plenty of help via Fiverror some outsourced solution. Of course I would love to work with anyone local, if possible.

I look forward to meeting more like-minded individuals with a shared passion. Makes it all really cool. Thank you to all who have taken the time to read, and I look forward to bring my full share of added value to this awesome and powerful community!

Kindest Regards,

Jeff and Michele Gibbs


My man!

Replying to your post. You are the first person I'll have met when we get to Waco in a month or so. Let's definately plan on My wife and I buying coffee or lunch for you and your wife at our earliest convenience.

In the meantime, I'd love to get some advice as to how you are making your business work, if you would be so gracious.

Thanks so much for the reply. I greatly appreciate it and I look forward to networking together.