Meet ups in Columbus Ohio?

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Hello everyone. Professional basketball player here who has a ton of time in the offseason. I’ve been studying real estate all season long and I’m ready to dive in this summer. I’ve already found a great deal. Are there any meet ups in the Columbus area? I’m trying to find like minded people.

@Julian Mcclurkin Stop by a meeting of COREE.  It's the local REA group that has it's main meetings the first Tuesday of the month, and then has subgroups Thursdays.  Lot's of folks with tons of experience there.  Still learn something new each time I go.  Well worth it.

I am also a REI in C.O. def want to check out the COREE meetings. I have connected with alot of like minded professionals there. Let's connect and keep in touch. Good luck on your investment career!

Tonight at COIN the discussion is about property management. There is some networking time and a local PM will present for a few minutes about his business and experience followed by a time of Q&A.