Looking For My First Deal In Orlando!

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Hello and thanks for reading this! My name is Ned in Orlando, and I'm a recent addition to the idea of real estate. My wife and I have looked into the idea of investing for years, and we've decided to jump in feet first and get onto the train! Especially since Central Florida is just exploding right now!

Our wish is to meet others in the Central Florida area that would be able to explain much more in depth over cups of coffee or the internet. We're currently friends with a real estate agent and a contractor, but since we can use more, I'd love to have more contacts with experience that would be willing to talk to us much more about the game! Finance, realtors, brokers, wholesalers, you name it - anyone that's willing to help some newbies and build up a long-term relationship!

We are thinking of starting with a fix and flip strategy, at least until we get a much better idea of what we're doing, before we start looking into Multi and the idea of renters!

Thanks again, and we're looking forward to hearing from everyone!

Welcome @Ned Canada , I know you'll find a lot of people from central Florida to network with.  (You'll find a lot of people named "Ned" here too.)  You can set up a "Keyword alert" for Orlando, or other areas, and you will get notified when anyone mentions it in a post.

Hi @Ned Canada

Congrats on your US property! I noted you also had a property in BC - how did you finance your property purchase in the states? Were you able to obtain a mortgage (assuming you are not a US citizen?)