What are some great RE software and information based sources

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I am a new investor and will be starting out using the BRRRR strategy.

I was hoping to get some answers on some great RE resource websites as well as software you all use.

I've done research on a few, just would like to hear some opinions from people using them daily. I know many resources are paid-for, so I would like to get a better idea of the benefits of certain sites before shelling out the dinero.


@Garrath Robinson

Well you're on BiggerPockets, which is undoubtedly one of the best resources/websites, especially for education and networking. Much on here is free, so you've got nothing to loose.

As far as other software applications, you probably didn't get many responses because you're not being specific. Some investors use Excel and that's it. Some use dozens of different apps/websites to help them acquire/manage their properties. I would spend some time figuring out what your goals are, what exactly you're trying to achieve and what tools would help you. Then you can actually start looking at something specific.