"House Flipper" Game

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The trailer is not inspiring. Can you make up fake profit-loss statements for your tax returns? Can you get an under-the-table hard money add-on loan from your OC contacts? Can you buy loads of stuff from retailers, photocopy the receipts, and return in all slowly over the next two weeks (while you actually use leftover new and salvaged building materials from various jobs bought at half-price from your contractor buddies on the flip? Can you hire a no-show plumber and electrician to sign off on your work? Can you bribe municipality code enforcement to let things slide for your C of O?

How is this really about flipping? :)

I love the "magic mop" that cleans everything when you shake it at the floors and walls. It reminds me of Fantasia. You can rehab an entire house in about an hour and make $7,000 profit.