I Have a Property To Wholesale. Where Should I Post??

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Hello all. I’m new to posting on the board. I want to make sure that I post in the proper forums as not to be disruptive. I currently have a deal I would like to present to anyone who invests in Michigan. What’s the best forum to do that in?? Thank you in advance.

Everywhere - Craigslist, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media outlets. Make flyers and post them around town (gas stations, supermarkets, etc).
Make signs with a brief description and your phone number and place on the property and busy intersections near the house but check with your local authorities first because they can be a pain in the ***!
Good luck

Thanks for the feedback. As far as social media, I’ve posted it pretty much everywhere from FaceBook, Twitter and IG to Craigslist and email blasts. I just haven’t posted it here yet.

Making fliers is an excellent idea and I’ll do that today. Thank you.