Expanding Real Estate Portfolio

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This past year I was able to buy my first property. I purchased a 3 unit in distress that needed a lot of work. I was able to nearly flip the entire property as well as raise the rental values by 30%.  

I have locked Year-long leases and want to jump onto the next project.  I'm currently looking for creative ways to get into more units, take into consideration flipping and renting/managing units is my full time job and only income. 

I'm really passionate about Real Estate and want to be able to grow into a portfoilio.

I'm not sure all the numbers, but it sounds like cash-out refinancing maybe an option to buy the next properties.

Welcome! I don't see a question here, but I assume you are looking for advice on how to finance your next move? If you've increased values by 30%, you should be able to leverage that equity as a down payment in to your next project. HELOC is usually the cheapest and easiest way to do that, but you can do a cash out refi, too.

I think I've forced about 100k equity into my property, now I want to find another 3-4 unit in distress flip it and raise the rental values. Am I moving correctly? (in terms of being able to continue growing into more units.)

I want to make the best possible decision on my next purchase and how to do it. 

I'm also open to buying and flipping - although, I have never flipped a home before. 

In general, I need advice on how to grow and how to get the best possible funding.