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I am trying to do market research in my area on anyone who is doing direct mail marketing. All my AdWord searches Google, Bing, Yahoo, duckduckgo, ask, route into kansas city we buy houses companies who aren't interested in investing in low cost low return property two hours away from their bread and butter. I have tried collecting old direct mailings sent to local landlords I know in the area but so far no one has received any that are Real estate related or at least that they are willing to share. I am under the impression that absentee owners are the low hanging fruit and the most likely to be targeted first. I really don't think it should be too hard to find people that want houses for cheap in Sedalia Mo. Does anyone have advice on something I may have overlooked or not thought of? Or is there just not anyone doing this kind of advertising consistently enough to stand out? Should I be ecstatic no one is doing direct mailings here or pensive that no one else is even bothering to?

I am sure there are investors as there is a landlord organization.  But it is a small market with fewer home buyers overall. So you may be the only one narketing to buy.  But I would say that unless you are marketing for homes for YOU to buy and hold, you should do you research on what is selling, to who, fow what price, and how long it takes.  If you factor that in and target your marketing, you can still do deals in a small market, just fewer deals.

I wouldn't advise using someone else's old list. You will be wasting money on printing and postage sending material to people who have sold their home or moved.

The list is the least expensive part of your campaign, and shouldn't be what you scrimp on.

As for the target, I would suggest 2 audiences.

Absentee Homeowners - there are 877 in Pettis County, MO

  • property could be rented, vacant or a second home
  • eliminate known low equity
  • Home value up to $150
  • purchased 8+ years ago
  • single and multifamily homes

Seniors with Low Financial Stability Scores - there are 649 in Pettis County

  • Age 54-89
  • Owner Occuipied
  • Single family home
  • 15+ year ownership
  • Home value up to $150,000
  • Low Financial Stability Score