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Hello BP, my name is Ryan and I am 15 years old turning 16 in a couple of months. I have been studying real estate in the southern Orange County area for about 6 months now by constantly watching real estate podcasts and learning from successful real estate agents online. Also I get experience from reading books about real estate. I plan to be a commercial real estate broker in the future by going to college and getting my license there. My question is, should I attempt to join a firm for commercial / residential to either be an intern or shadow a broker to get the maximum experience before I turn 18? Mainly because I want to know exactly what to do when I get my license. I already know how to get listings and I know all the real estate vocabulary mostly from books I have read, but I want to take the next step and be an intern at a firm that is real estate related. Also on occasion I walk to open houses to speak with the agents/brokers about the business and to improve my speaking skills because I know speaking is a huge key in sales. Also by speaking to them it allows me to better understand the market as well. So should I look to join a firm and if so how should I get into one at such a young age? I am determined to start early and work as hard as I can to be the best broker I can possibly be. Thanks for your time. Also what would be better, residential or commercial? Maybe even both at the same time? Thanks.

Welcome Ryan! I would find a realtor that would allow you to assist them for the learning experience. You would add value to their business thru your help while gaining valuable experience. Perhaps a real estate firm would also let you volunteer some time. I would try both residential & commercial & see which you prefer. Keep in mind you may want to have your end goal as an investor for yourself. Also, join toastmasters to practice your speaking skills. You are off to a great start.

@Account Closed   Welcome to BP and kudos to you for starting so early.  Let me answer some of your questions and then provide you with some direction.  

1.  If you are that interested then you should intern with someone.  I am happy to assist you with that goal.

2.  If you are already speaking with agents then you are far ahead of the crowd.  Keep it up.

3.  As to residential or commercial that is really up to you.  Residential in much easier than commercial which requires much more building expertise and knowledge.

As for an intern position you have some options.  In your school district there is a Coastline ROP Instructor who will partner up students with jobs/internships in the community.  I host two students a year in my office and have for the last several years.  You can get high school credit for this while you learn on the job.  For more information contact me or:

Craig Mandelbaum

Coastline ROP Instructor

Computerized Accounting & Business Internship SVUSD 17/18

If you would like to do it "offline" then contact me directly so that we can meet at my office and work out the details.

Good investing...