Buying 1st property (actionable steps).

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hello I have been researching real estate for about 5 months daily. Analysis paralysis, I am young and I feel that I am prepared and I will make a deal happen rather it be good or great. I am deployed returning in July and I will be buying not later than August. If anyone knows any ways to speed up the process when I touch down in the states i would greatly appreciate advice. I am looking to buy in the Charleston as a house hack (@Sotttrench) preferably near the Air Force base if possible any help on the market would be greatly appreciated as well. 

@Demario Scott Use BP to find people in your market (wholesalers, realtors, contractors, lenders, etc...) and make connections now. Try to set up meetings with them for as soon as you can meet after landing and get to work getting financing, finding a property, and figuring out rehab costs. I think you have to be a pro to look people up in specific markets on here, but BP pro is well worth the cost!

What Grant said, plus I would focus on learning the market in your price range.   You can do that with the help of a Realtor or even using Redfin and similar sites.    You will want to have a handle on what's selling for what so you can target neighborhoods that might work for your budget.    

@Demario Scott consider turning to the MLS for your first deal, just to get your feet wet. Once you do one deal, then all the others are easier to jump into.

Also, Clayton Morris addresses Analysis Paralysis in one of his earlier podcasts by saying "You don't have to be 100% sure, only 80% sure and the rest will follow." This helped me TREMENDOUSLY overcome my personal analysis paralysis.