New to note investing.

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I am looking to start investing in notes and I was looking for someone that understands how this works. I would like to possibly JV or go in on few deals with someone as I start out. I have never invested in notes but it is something I want to learn and start to really get into. Would love to meet people that are doing this and doing well with it. Let’s connect. Best Martin Ruiz.

My recommendation is to educate yourself first on the basic process before jumping into a JV with someone you've never met. That way you'll have at least some basis for determining who you want to JV with. There are a lot of free and low cost options out there for education on the basic principles. Personally, I found @Joshua Andrews ' book Paper Profits to be a really good introduction. These threads may also be helpful for educational resources:

There are many people on BP who take on JV partners, although they aren't allowed to advertise in the forums. If you watch this forum and read through the current and older posts, you'll get a pretty good feel for the people who have more experience. Look for someone whose posts resonate with you and then strike up a conversation with them through PM or other means to get a better feel for whether or not you would like to work with them (and they will likely be evaluating you, too).