Seeking advice on getting started!

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Hello! A few months back my buddy and I started reading into different types financial opportunities. We both agreed and wanted to learn more about Real Estate. But the closest him and I have ever been to Real Estate is by just renting properties to live on. So now, with this new found interest we have set out goals and are ready to get started. Quick shout out to Bigger Pockets, my friend and I listen to all your current podcasts and we really appreciate all the detailed and honest information. We both agreed that we wanted more out of our lives, and the more and more we read and studied we realized that getting involved specifically in Real Estate investing was the path we wanted to take to our financial goals. What ultimately caught our attention was specifically multi-unit properties. We are ready to get the ball rolling and taking our first steps into this new world for us. Neither one of us have a lump sum of money just laying around, which I would believe must of us don't, and that's why we're reaching out for advice. We completely understand our situation. But that is not going to stop us from reaching out goals. We have heard of hard money lenders, but would like some more information or advice on how to approach that method of getting started. Any and all information or advice would be appreciated. Thank you in advance!

1) make sure your credit score is on the up and up

2) save a little for a downpayment.

3) look for a cheap/negected/small duplex in a part of town safe enough you would live in

4) make a low offer.

5) buy it fha 3.5÷ down, live in one half with yout buddy.