Training recommendations to get your NC real estate license.

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Hello everyone!

My name is Ryan Strickland. I am new to real estate investing and wanted to get some opinions on training/studying for your North Carolina real estate exam. My Girlfriend and I are both looking into this. She would be making a career change out of it. I know that you need 75-hours of pre-licensed training and then once you have your certificate you can take the test. 

My question is where would be the best place to take the pre-licensed training, both online and in person.

Anyone who is also looking to start the course in the next few months is welcome to study with us. I find a group learning experience has always been the best method for me. Thank you everyone!

If you were in Raleigh I can tell you exactly who to go to for a great learning experience. Much less helpful for Charlotte. I would say each of you take classes at the same time but go to differe schools and compare information and results, either that or pick the school with the highest trainee pass rate.

Good luck, if you have any questions I am happy to answer them. 

When you get your license let me know I have worked for several firms and can give you a good picture of what to expect.

Thank you Chad! That's a fantastic idea. We have been looking through the training programs for a few places and hope to have the opportunity to talk with some of the instructors at each. We plan to both take the test at the same time and then she will make the job transition while I act as the anchor. I'm curious to see how well she does as an agent. We are always looking to meet more like minded investors. 

Hey Ryan,

I suggest Superior School of Real Estate.  I took my pre-licensing elsewhere, but have taken post-licensing and continuing education classes at Superior at the recommendation of my real estate firm.   The quality of instruction was excellent, and the instructors make the class more engaging than what I've experienced at other schools.  


I just completed this process in Fayetteville.  The greatest help to me was using the resources available from you school, that simulate test questions.  Spend at least an hour per day answering test questions on subjects that you have covered through the course.  Don't get ahead, it will only deflate your confidence.  Practice the math calculations.  Take the pre-test, review the answers and then retake the pre-test a day or two before your exit exam from the school. 

You will have access to the resources for six months following the course, so take the post-test, review and retake the post-test a day or two before the actual state exams.  You will retain the information, but the questions are complex, and can be tricky.  The more practice you do on the questions the more experience you will have analyzing the questions.

There is a very high retake rate for the school and the state exams.  But a majority of the people going through the course have had little to no exposure to real estate before enrolling.  You will catch on to the material more quickly because you enjoy it and understand it.

Superior school of real estate is the best in this area.  If you are lucky you will get instructor Bill Gallagher.  He is hilarious and excellent.  Makes the long hours tolerable and memorable.

@Ryan Strickland - I loved my instructor because of his sense of humor (he's out of Raleigh though).  If you google him you'll find his videos and can be used as a secondary training source. I listened to them after class as a review during my commute to my FT job and it helped. I know other students who went to different schools that also listened to his videos and they felt it helped them understand the content better.  He just breaks it down in an easy to digest manner. The classes are long so find someone you want to listen to. His name is Travis Everette if you want to look him up. Best of luck! 

My girlfriend had talked about getting her license just so we can have MLS access... and maybe a property management company sometime in the future. We are up in Boone though. Seems like it would be really time consuming to attend the Superior School course, as we both work. It sounds great though, very intensive. I love stuff like that.

Are there any online types of courses that are pretty decent for NC licensing?  

I've really enjoyed Deb Long as a teacher, but she is based in the Triangle. Have heard Bill Gallagher's name though, so if you can get him, you can't go wrong.

Currently have my license in the state of Michigan and have heard you can get a waiver for the 75 hour course in NC if you're active in another state.  I know that I'd still have to pass the state exam.  Is there an online study that would be beneficial for me before going and taking the NC state exam?