Getting Pre-approved before making rapid offers. Details?

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I've got some funds secured for buying my first rental property!  However, I have a couple of newbie questions.  I feel like some of these small details get left out in the podcasts.

I'm assuming I should get pre-approved before I start making offers.  How did y'all most easily complete this step?  I've also heard that you should only get your pre-approval letter for the exact amount that you're offering, otherwise the seller will assume you could raise your offer.

How did y'all complete this step?  Form a relationship with a local credit union and get them to write a different letter for each offer? Or just get a pre-approval letter for as high as your niche budget is?


Step 1 - Get pre-approval from your source (no letter yet).  This tells you what your maximum is.

Step 2 - Make offers based on your maximum

Step 3 - Get approval letters as needed for each accepted offer.  Approval letter should not give a number.  Approval letter should refer to the accepted offer and state you have sufficient funds to cover.