In need of USDA Home Loan Advice

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I'm attempting to buy my first primary residence through the USDA home loan. I'm looking around Roanoke, Newark, and Azle for a SFH. My main concern is that I may not have enough time to get a home before my lease is up. I have about 2 months to move my family into our first home. As this is my first home buying experience I figure the process will take a little longer than it should. Does anyone have any tips and tricks on how I can ensure I meet my deadline.

Hey David, I'm a Loan Officer in McKinney, TX 

Congrats on taking the steps to home ownership!

I would love to help out. Just to understand where you are in the process

1. Are you already USDA pre-approved?

2. Are you working with a realtor?

Yes, I recieved a letter of pre-approval yesterday and I just began calling more realtors tody. I'm afraid to say that only one realtor I spoke with is actually being pro-active. The main trouble I'm having now is just finding a home in my price range that matches the stipulations handed down by the USDA.