I fresh and brand new to real estate. I have been doing my research with residential wholesales because I've been told that this is a good place to start, especially if you don't have thousands of dollars to start out with. 

Ultimately I would like to move into consistently flipping homes and even owning some residential rental properties so that I have a solid monthly income based on however rental properties I own in the future. For now, I'm focusing on wholesale to help save up money to fund my first flip.

From the research I have done I've pretty much come to the conclusion that I need to start my business or form a LLC (of course for a name, website, flyers, etc.) and to start putting in crazy amounts of leg work like driving for dollars and getting some leads together and started up in order to put together a profile to find potential cash buyers..

Is there any advice you could give me that would help out with the beginning stages of starting up my wholesale business?

Thank you in advance!