Who's succeeding in Lehigh Valley, PA REI??

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Hi All,

I'm taking a very serious look investing at Lehigh Valley, PA. With my wife itching to return to her home state (She's from Bucks County) its becoming more and more of a possibility will be relocating to the area from Tarrytown, NY very soon.  All the research I've done (And I've done a lot!) indicates that the area is experiencing substantial economic and growth.

Wondering if there any BPer's out there that are currently investing in Lehigh Valley that would mind sharing some of there successes (and failures) with me!  Where are you investing, what type of properties are you buying and what made you invest in your respective area?  Who's are some knowledgable realtor/investors I should connect with?

Looking forward to hearing you success stories (and nightmares because there's even more to learn from others mistakes).  Can't wait to hear from you all!

@Dave Lin : Thanks for plugging those folks!  Really appreciate it!!

@Joe C: Thanks!  Further confirms my findings in the research I've done - LHV is where it's at!!!

@Franky Aikens - there are tons of investors succeeding in the area. For any given strategy, there are people who are crushing it in the Lehigh Valley market. Flips, buy and hold rentals, hard money lending, you name it.  

I recommend you check out some of the local REI Meetups, both in your local area and when you get down here. They are a great place to listen to experienced investors share successes (and horror stories!) as well as ask questions to help you get started.

@Franky Aikens , you may have heard it already, but if not, there's a podcast where the guest was investing in the Lehigh Valley area. 

Can anybody remember who that was?? I believe it was 2017 or newer. Maybe 2016.

I think the LHV is a great area to invest in. I actually find DT Allentown to be a charming place with huge potential. I am a newbie investor, who is trying to invest from out of state and for me the most challenging is getting a good team of people set up (i.e. property manager, contractors, loan officers, accountants, lawyers, etc.). Definitely start connecting with others (if your local through meet ups and the forum) and figure out what type of investor you want to be. My aim is buy/holds with cash flow, but there are many other strategies that people are using. Also figure out who you want your market to be, who do you want to attract to your properties, because that I think will help you to narrow down on where to buy in the LHV. You can go rural, urban, college student populations, families…the LHV has a little of everything.

The podcast is a guy from Bethlehem named Bryce Stewart, episode 276. He gives some good insights on the area and has also started his own youtube channel about investing, worth checking out if you are new to the “biz."