hello all. I would like to apologize in advance for this long post. my name is Juan and I will be 28 years old this month (WOOHOOO) I am from Plainfield IL, and let me just start by saying that BiggerPockets has LITERALLY opened my eyes extremely wide. I have started reading their books and I have been religiously listening to all their podcasts. unfortunately, I cannot buy a property from a bank until June 2020. but why can't I buy a home until June 2020? I have had a pretty rough past. I basically lost everything. In 2010, my wife at the time who also had a child with me, cheated on me a week before I was going to close on a duplex home for us to live and I was kicked out of her house and was left homeless for 3 months until I moved with my father (embarrassing). Then in January 2012, I met my girlfriend (currently my beautiful wife who blessed me with my beautiful 2 year old daughter) and we worked together to see my son. In 2013, I was in the process of getting divorced with my first wife who cheated on me, I was accused and convicted of a crime I never committed. and unfortunately, I made some stupid decisions and wound up bankrupting twice for trying to find an easy way out of my attorney fees($25,000). my bankruptcy discharges in June 2020, so it's very hard to be considered with an opened bankruptcy and a dented credit score. but, in June 2020, I am I am a motivated future real estate investor who has just started reading the bigger pockets books(great books) and am currently saving money to purchase my first fourplex in June 2020. as I am waiting, I received a General Manager promotion at my job and my credit score is also at its highest since 2010, and I was wondering if anyone knows of a good book that may help me with advice with my new and foreign promotion? I know that this forum is about real estate business, but in order for me to invest in real estate, I have to take care of my current job. I understand that rental properties are NOT going to help me retire. nor is it my plan to retire from rental properties. I am just trying to save some money, be more professional in my job, and one day start my own business. real estate investing and being an entrepreneur has been a life long dream of mine since as long as I can remember and this time, and with support from my wife and the motivation to give my son and daughter a better life for being there for them, I am doing everything I possibly can to embrace my 2 years I have left and just read books about business and real estate investing in rental properties. advice will be greatly appreciated since this is a very exciting moment for me and the more I prepare for 2020, the more knowledgeable I will be.