Starting Out: Multifamily in Florida

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Hey everyone! I am starting out investing in south Florida. I already bought my first single family condo but I am looking ti get involved in multifamily. Does anybody know a trustworthy broker that specializes in multifamily in Florida? I have a career in public markets investing so happy to give my 2 cents on stock investing to anybody that is willing to help! Thanks very much and best of luck! Juan

Hi Juan. Welcome to BP. What part of Florida are you specifically looking in? I've got some connections in various South Florida areas and might be able to point you in the right direction. Keep in mind, South Florida has some VERY distinct neighborhoods that are quite different. Miami isn't Boca and Boca isn't Naples and nothing is West Palm Beach. :-)

Hi Juan,

I am a real estate agent in the South Florida area (West Palm to Fort Lauderdale) I specialize in the Delray Beach/ Boca Raton/ Boynton Beach area. I have over 16 years experience, I have a multi family property thats not yet on the MLS in the downtown Delray Beach area and I would be happy to get you the information on it.

Thank You 

Lea Black P.A.