So I am a mail carrier for the post office, and I deliver in a nice area of 300-450k houses.  I know my customers and my customers know me.  I've also been in real estate for a bit.  I took a break and have recently jumped back in.  Several months ago, I was delivering mail and driving for dollars at the same time.  I've been on my current route for 3 years and there's one house that gets mail inconsistently, and I've never actually seen the person who lives there.  I look her up and find out that she works (amazing job - probably 6 figures) in another city.  I got intimidated and wondered why someone with that job would entertain an offer for her house at a discount.  So I figured I would get a few deals under my belt and try making an offer a few months down the road. to today.  I see paint crews, rolled up carpet, and demo'd material in the front yard! I wanted to kick myself for not taking action!  So to all the new investors, don't ASSuME anything! TAKE ACTION!!!