Marketplace Homes Property Manager

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So I'm posting this here because I wasn't quite sure where else to post.  I'm looking at my first rental property and I will be using a property manager.  I'm looking around Roofstock and one of the PM's I see over and over is MarketPlace Homes.  I've already had several long email exchanges with them and they seem on top of their game.  I just wanted to ask the community if anyone has used them and what your experiences are.

WORST PROPERTY MANAGEMENT COMPANY I HAVE EVER DEALT WITH. UNPROFESSIONAL, CHILDISH, AND THIEVING CEO AND VP. I hired Marketplace Homes to manage one of my rental properties. I planned to hire them to manage additional properties if they performed well with the first. Marketplace Homes failed miserably. They wrongfully withheld from me earned funds, stealing my rental property income. After a submitted complaint and arbitration with the Better Business Bureau, the BBB agreed with me that Marketplace Homes wrongfully withheld my funds and owes me money. As of today, I have not received my stolen funds, despite the judgement from the BBB. Throughout the course of events, I received numerous belligerent, unprofessional, and childish emails from the Marketplace Homes CEO (Mike Kalis) and VP (Jon Wilson). STAY FAR AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY.

DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE PEOPLE. I trusted them with the home I lived in for 8 years. Never had one police call or hostile incident. After renting to MPH and their subleased tenant my home was shot at. MPH tried to blame it on the neighborhood, however no other house was involved and or shot at. I asked the immediate neighbors and the detective assigned to the case and they did not confirm any violence, gang activity or random shootings in the area. Apparently MPH just took the tenants “word for it” and didnt even bother to even look at a police report. The tenant moved right after the shooting and MPH stopped paying and did not inform me of the vacancy or shooting until a month later when I contacted them after not seeing payment. MPH Abandoned the lease and left me high and dry and behind on my mortgage unexpectedly. To top it off their tenant left my house absolutely filthy with over 7k worth of damages(Photos in link below). After their own inspector assessed these damages and the amount, MPH only offered me a 1k deposit return and abandoned the lease. Rent to MPH if you want a company who will leave you with thousands of dollars worth of damages, abandon the lease, and you may not find out until you're behind on your mortgage already. Now I am stuck with an unexpected mortgage and may lose my home. Photos on the condition of my house before and after can be seen here: