Hello everyone! I’m a new investor that is looking for my first deal. I have come across a duplex listed for sale by owner for $135,000. Both units are already rented to long term tenants for $750 a month. Location is South Bend Indiana. I have no capital to offer in the deal as of right now, but I would like to approach the deal as owner finance. I cannot house hack the property since both units are already rented. I don't believe that i personally need to have capital to get started, but every time i find a deal that i get excited about i get frozen, don't act, and lose the opportunity First thing I need advice is how can I approach a deal with no money? Second is the actual numbers for the property. I feel I need to increase the rent per unit by $20 a unit to be where I want to be. i have done everything i can to get involved in investing in my local area. I started a Facebook group for local investors, i attend seminars, i reach out to sellers, talk to agents, etc. I can get a heloc on my current resident, but that is the only option for me personally to come up with any sort of money. I have friends and family that are interested in getting involved, but i want my first deal to be on me to prove myself first. I appreciate any and all advice! Thanks Korey