Sharing Real Estate ideas and consistently geting shut down.

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Have you ever had a Real Estate investing "epiphany" or idea that you shared with someone only to have them shoot holes in it? What was it? We're they right?

Ha, my best friend said you need a job and your own money to invest in Real Estate. He was right about the money, but wrong about who had to own it. Now I’m buying my second investment property and he’s still living at home with his parents. Oh the job? He was wrong about that too, I started a business instead.
Now I tease him and say he needs to buy a house and get a job...slacker! Looking back, I never let that stuff get to me. 99% of the people I talk to don’t do what I do, I take their advice with a grain of salt.

At a wealth-building conference I once attended, the speaker asked the following rhetorical question:

Which would you rather believe? A rich man's advice? Or a poor man's guesswork?

Every idea is different. Optimists will tell you every idea you have is terrific, pessimists will tell you every idea you have is garbage. The truth is somewhere in the middle. The best advice I heard on this is to only take advice from people who have done what you're trying to do. 

That is 100% true and i never really thought about it until now. I can definitely see how people can get discouraged or even over-encouraged in this industry. It is really interesting to me how people react to an ideas that are not their own. Sometimes I have found when talking to a potential partner it is sometimes best to explain it in a way that it makes them come to the same conclusion that I did on their own. No one likes being told what to do but everyone loves it when they come to a good idea on their own (even if you have to lead them to that conclusion).

My wife wasn't all the way in when I started real estate investing.  She liked being the "contrarian" and I'm the optimist.  Long story short, I didn't listen to her and others who tried to plant the seed of "negativity".  If you've got a vision, GO WITH IT!  at least you will be able to back up your results with facts and not opinion or miseducation.   

Now... every last one of the people who tried to plant that seed want a piece in one shape or form.  Go with your vision, put your eggs in that basket and focus like hell on that basket.  You'll win either way.