Meet Up Search in North Atlanta!

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Hi!  My name is Jacob Allen, I'm a new (or rather, hopeful) investor trying to get involved in real estate.  I'm looking to get my feet wet and get some experience before jumping all in!

Does anyone know of any meet up groups in the Bartow County or Cherokee County areas?  I'm looking specifically to invest in the Cartersville and Canton areas.  If a group does not exist, any group that is in the North Atlanta Metropolitan area would be appreciated!

Hello @Jacob Allen ,

I used to host a monthly meet-up/mastermind on the NE side of Atlanta. I am in the process of setting that meeting back up and will probably host in North Fulton, Johns Creek/Alpharetta area.  

@Micah Redden and @Ethan Henning , I'm very interested as well, and I'd very much appreciate if you could add me to your lists / point me in the right direction. 

I live on the Cobb / Cherokee line, and I work over in Roswell, so anything in either (both!) the Cobb or N. Fulton area would be fantastic.

@Jeremy Frank - I feel your pain with that commute. At least we get a couple of months to enjoy lighter traffic before school starts back up!

So it seems like there is some interest and since there is no currently organized one in the area, I think I'm going to start a meetup that will meetup in Cartersville, GA.  If interested please PM me, if there is not enough interest then I'll cancel, but I'm going to shoot for the first meeting to be Wednesday, July 11th!

@Jacob Allen appreciate you organizing a get-together, but unfortunately I work out in Roswell, and leaving work @ 6:30 or so would make Cartersville a very late (at best) arrival for me. I hope you get enough others on board! 

Y'all, just wanted to follow up:

There definitely seems to be enough interest to have a meetup.  I'm looking at having the meetup in one of the local coffee shops there in downtown Cartersville, and I'm shooting for Wednesday, July 11th at 7:00.  I'll keep you updated and continue to reach out for more attendees!

Thanks @Jacob Allen I'll certainly see what time I get out of work (and how traffic is looking) on Wednesday 7/11. Of course, if I'd be rolling in 1 1/2 hours after the 7PM start time, it may not make sense. I do appreciate it, and if nothing else, it's awesome to see your initiative to get something going!

I came across a post on Nextdoor the other day, where The Georgian Lakeside assisted living community (1070 Hardscrabble Rd, Roswell, 30075) offered free meeting space. Their capacity is 50-60 people. They are saying it is a hotel-like meeting space and the place overall has "an upscale, hotel-boutique atmosphere". In case anyone thinks this would be a good location...

Good morning everyone!  It appears we have about 6 or 7 people interested in the meetup.  So I'm proposing we meet at the Noble & Main Coffee Shop in Cartersville GA this Wednesday.

Who:  Anyone interested

What: REI Meetup

When: July 11th, at 7:00 pm

Where:  Noble & Main Coffee Co., 145 West Main St, Cartersville, GA 30120

A couple of notes:  This meetup is not affiliated with any groups, my intent is simply to enable this as a monthly networking event for the Bartow/Cherokee County areas.  As this is the first meet up there's currently no agenda, it's just simply meant to evaluate interest of members in the area and network.  If it shows that there is significant interest we can look at getting a larger meetup location or a more formal meeting structure.  But for now, this is just a monthly networking event.