So you decided you wanted to invest...

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Good morning all!

     I am a new investor currently deployed but expected to return in the near future, however there are a few things holding me back from jumping right into the mix of investing and I was wondering what some of yall did as your first step!

I am currently stationed at Lackland AFB in San Antonio and plan on investing in buy and hold investing anywhere from San Antonio to Austin, being deployed I have found a few like minded people who also want to get into investing and we have discussed everything from finding deals to funding them to forming LLC's as a safety net, but the first question that always comes up is where to start when we get back. I have realtors back home that can help me search for a deal, but I have questions like...

How do yall go about getting funding for your first investment? 

Did you form an LLC righty away or wait until you had a sizeable portfolio?

Where did you go for your first lender? 

How did you approach them and what did you present to potential lenders?

Did you secure funding from someone before buying an investment or wait until you found the deal to start investing?

How quickly did you scale up your investments?

     I am aware everyone has their own story, but im wondering if there is a more advisable path than any other or anything specific to the San Antonio/ Austin market I plan on being in.

     All input is greatly apprecitated and i plan on making this my full time income within a few years so please let me know what yalls experence is!

Thank You, 

-Cammeron Williams

I funded my first investment with the cash that I had in the bank.

I created and LLC right away online.

I found my first lender from the close circle. I created a package and presented it to them. 

Find a deal, then use that to find the money. 

I scaled very fast and bought 25 deals in the first year and a half.

That market that you're in is going to the rough. Maybe look out of state. 

Lots of questions there. Are you looking to buy and hold? Interested in house-hacking? That’s a good way to get started. I can recommend a lender if you need one. PM me if I can help. My focus is buy and hold but I will do other deals when they present themselves. Stay focused, learn, and take care of your personal finances! That makes everything else much simpler. My two cents. Best of luck!

Hey! Brandon turner just yesterday posted a video on Facebook and the last question he answered was where to start.
We are also located in the SA Market. No need to look out of state! Seriously! There are great deals here.
You can either work with an agent or adjust your settings on Zillow / realtor to notify you when one comes up in your criteria you set.
We funded the 1st with $45,000 cash- cashed out 401k and borrowed $20,000.
It was a Freddie Mac and had to be cash due to situation.
We formed an LLC before cause we planned to scale.
We just got back to Texas- I got out of the Army. Hit me up if you have any questions. Glad to help


     @Will Pritchett I plan on doing mainly buy and hold but if I can find a flip or two in-between I would like to try that as well, I will definitely contact you if I have any questions thank you very much!

     @Bethany Rankin Do you know if I would be able to view it without having a Facebook? I plan on starting this while in the USAF and hopefully having it replace that income in a few years, I would love to be able to sit down and talk with you sometime and hear about how you got started, Ill be back in the US from a deployment rather soon and hopefully be able to be more active on here, thanks talk to you soon!!