​What trouble can you get if you are a renter and rent out rooms?

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What trouble can you get if you are a renter and rent out rooms (sublease, room share, or AirBnB) without notifying the landlord in Texas (specifically Houston, TX)? What are the chances of getting into such trouble?

I am not sure whether or not a renter can sublease or rent to another person (e.g. room share) without notifying the landlord. If a renter wants to do these things (sublease, room share or AirBnB), what steps can/should they take to make it successful? What are the chances of being able to rent and do these things?

I want to know this as a future renter and future real estate investor/landlord. 

@Bryan T. most Rental Agreements will specifically address the issue of a renter renting out rooms or part of the property. In most cases I've seen, doing so requires Landlord/owner approval to do so. If you do it without proper approval, and the lease requires it, you'd be violating the lease.

At my rentals, it's already a lease violation, because my lease prohibits it.

I lived at a triplex where I rent out the other two units, where I see strangers come and go. I got the same complaints from tenants at rentals that I don't live at. And one tenant rented to someone who's a heavy smoker leaving cigarette butts all over, and when I question him about it, shrug his shoulders. Someone like that would get you in trouble.

And do you plan to do background checks where you sublet? As landlord, I subscribe to such services. These days, state laws hold landlord responsible for renting to sex offenders and criminals, and I'm not sure how my insurance company would handle it if one of your subtenants, a known child molester, molested a neighbor's kid. That would surely get the landlord in trouble.

What are the chances I let these things happen and say nothing?

Also, I charge more in rent if a unit is rented to 4 people as opposed to 2, as I cover some utilities. I wouldn't like it much is the water bill suddenly double. The monthly water bill for $150.00 to $200 would double. As landlord, what do you think I would do?

@Bryan T.

I wouldn't unless you get your Landlord's approval. Not only is it a lease violation, but think about it this way. I'm assuming because you are on BP you hope to someday become an investor yourself. Put the shoe on the other foot, you worked hard to own property that you care for and a renter is now subleasing without your permission. 

If you want to Airbnb it, maybe you can offer splitting the profits with them, make it worth their wild but you manage it.