New Invester in Sourthern New Hampshire

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Hi All, 33 yr old newbie from New Hampshire here looking to dive into real estate. My wife and I have just begun over the past several weeks researching and trying to decide our focus. I am thinking that buy and hold single family homes or small multi-family units is the focus I want to be in. My goal is to be financially independent and not have to rely on a paycheck all the while being able to build a portfolio that can be handed down to my 2 kids. I am currently taking a real estate investing class through UNH, listening to the bigger pockets podcasts, working on finding some club meetings to attend (suggestions welcome) and building a team of people to work with. Any suggestions for what aspects of the business I should be focused on learning first (property analysis, networking, financing)? I look forward to learning more in the coming months leading up to my first purchase.   

@Greg Snell Congrats on making the decision to start investing! It is a good idea to narrow down your focus to one thing so that you can learn it inside and out. If you need help doing it, read "One thing" by Gary Keller. In terms of the niche, everyone has different preferences, so if you're talking feedback from others, make a decision based on what would work best for you and your wife. For example, do you want to be active or passive investor? or do you want to invest in residential or commercial real estate? and etc...

If you'd like to chat further, feel free to PM me.


Hi @Greg Snell

welcome to the site, BP has a tremendous amount of information to help you

I'm a local investor in the New Hampshire and i would be more then happy to help you out with any questions you have

we have network meeting at Nashua on the 3rd Wed of the month and it great place to meet with others real estate investor and we have numbers of deals done after people meet in our group, you can find more at Real Estate Events and Happenings Look forward to seeing you around! PM me if I can help

Wish you all the best!


Welcome @Greg Snell . My husband and I are in Southern NH and fairly new to the real estate game too. The BP Podcasts are awesome and I love the Wheelbarrow Profits Podcast too. How is the UNH real estate investing course? I had looked into that but wasn't sure if it would be worth my while. I would be interested in hearing if you think it was worth the money. Good luck in your investments! 

For groups in NH, you should attend @Gal Peretz 's meeting in Nashua he mentioned above, also NHREIA. There was a Seacoast REIA that met occasionally, you might find it here on the events page if they are still active. For some reason, the groups on the Seacoast never seem to gain much traction or stick around.

@Alina Trigub - Thank you for the "One Thing" recommendation and your encouragement to narrow in.  The book looks like a great read and I look forward to digging into it.

@Gal Peretz - Thanks for the warm welcome.  We've seen the Nashua Network Meeting and would love to attend sometime soon and plan to join you next month on July 18th.

@Megan Frank - Great to meet you. We are in Barrington, so just next door.  Thanks for the recommendation of Wheelbarrow Profits - I haven't heard of that one yet. The UNH course so far has been informative. It's only been a few weeks, so it's still hard to say. It's nice to have the course structure for someone as new to this as we are. At $100 for the course, it's seems like it's been worth the money so far.

@Ann Bellamy - Thanks for the meetup suggestions, we plan on attending Gal's next meeting in Nashua. There was a meeting posted in Dover a few weeks ago, but we missed it by a few days, will have to look out for more. We recently listened to your BP Podcast episode and thought it was fantastic. You mentioned that you stick to investing in cities and avoiding rural areas, would you consider the Dover/Somersworth/Rochester areas possibilities?