23 Year old MBA student looking for Real Estate Mentor/ Advise

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Hi there,

Like the title said, I am 23 years old, currently a full time federal employee and also working towards getting my MBA. I have a bachelors degree in Accounting and I love listening to Bigger Pockets Podcasts. I could absolutely see myself working in Real Estate later on in life, but right now I just want to get my feet wet.

I'm looking for a mentor that I could email real estate questions about or even shadow.

I am willing to do research or even analysis in return. I would just like to gain knowledge and insight about what a career in Real Estate is truly like.

I am located in Central PA, so if anyone has any connections around here that would be great, if not, I'm still willing to talk/email anyone that could potentially give me real estate experience.

Thanks for your time,


Hi Kevin,

You're on the world's largest real estate forum so you should treat this site as a huge collection of mentors with tons of experience. Any questions you have can just be posted here and you'll be able to get lots of opinions and help. 

For shadowing someone, it'd be helpful for you to meet people in your area by going to real estate meetups and REIA meetings to network and get to know others that are doing what you would like to be doing one day.