Tanants are not answering my calls

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Im having problems with getting in contact with my tenants they do not answer my phone calls or open the front door when i go over. they owe 1400 this month and they will be owing 1500 on the first of july. Im planning to leave a note affront of their door and see if they read it and give me a call back. What are some other things i could do to get in contact with them?

They probably cannot pay. Look up the foreclosure instructions for your state. In Texas we notify they are late then post a letter on the door...pay or leave notice. Photograph delivery. And certified mail. You could attach a post-it note explaining that you have to follow your schedule when a tenant doesn’t pay and to please call. Do not delay or it will cost you. Just business, they expect it.

Okay sounds good I'm actually on my way to leave a note. One more question by when do you think I should go inside the house I really don't want to break the privacy and the trust with my tenants but if I don't hear back by tomorrow should I step inside? 

Its June 21, you don't have June rent, and the tenants won't answer your calls?   I'd be deep into the eviction process.  You don't need to leave a "note" on their door.  You need to post a "pay or quit" or whatever the document is in TX.  You need to speak with your attorney about the process before you enter the property.  If you don't have one, today's the day to find one.  I would guess they are already gone.  But you need to know and follow the property process.  That's where you need the attorney.  Welcome to the dark side of landlording.

You have failed miserably by not beginning the eviction process on the first day you are legally allowed to.

Rent was due june 15th we negotiated that june they will be able to pay the 15th since they had to transfer all their funds from Oklahoma to houston and after that rent would be due the first of every month but since technically they are 7 days late im wondering if they cannot afford it

Don't bother to enter the property. Don't waste your time and energy trying to reach them. Begin eviction.  Amuse yourself by looking them up on the easily available Oklahoma court records (google OSCN and do a docket search) and see if they've been evicted here.  One more time for the record (I just put this on another post about 3 minutes ago.)  This is the eleventh commandment.  "Thou shalt not make exceptions for tenants."

Begin the eviction process immediately after you learn all your state landlord tenant regulations. You should not be operating a business without first learning the regulations governing your business. You appear to be in over your head.

I'd suggest 2 things, 1. Deliver an updated invoice with the late fees showing that it is past due, but in parallel also 2. begin the eviction process, I wouldn't worry about leaving a note or going into the property unless you have cause (water leaks etc).  Keep in mind it can take a while depending on your municipality to actually get control back of the unit, the longer you wait, the more money you're going to loose in unpaid rent & have to recover (if you so choose).

@Gabriel Benavidez Speak to your lawyer before doing anything. If the last in your area state that its ok to begin the eviction proceeding I would do so and continue to regularly contact the tenant. If you can't get them on the line or get them to pay, I would offer them cash for keys, that may get them out without you having to complete the actual eviction. At the end of this make sure that you evaluate your screening process and lease language, maybe there is a way to make both more effective. 

@Gabriel Benavidez

I know you don't want to, but you have to learn the eviction law of your area. You need a local real estate lawyer among your contacts, and she or he's gonna cost money. Bigger Pockets is the way wrong place to get useful, actionable answers to these questions.

Yeah, I know, they never tell you how much fun this part of being a landlord is in the get-rich-quick real estate seminars and books. To repeat something I've said a thousand times in these forums, real estate and especially landlording is a brutal business, and anyone who tells you it isn't is either ignorant or trying to make money off you.

This is why a good PM is worth it for most people. They have streamlined processes and file all evictions the same day of every month. If someone is late they try to reach them the same few days if every month.